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Introducing Kolin’s first AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler: The Perfect Cooling Solution for your business

Kolin Philippines recently launched its first ever AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler. This innovative product is designed to provide energy efficiency and versatile cooling, making it the ideal choice for outdoor spaces in businesses of all sizes and industries in the Philippines. Getting curious about the newest product? Let’s dive in and find the features and benefits of the Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler that stands out among the rest

Unmatched Energy Efficiency

The Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler maximizes cooling efficiency with inverter technology and a PMDC motor, ensuring comfort without high electricity bills.

Versatility and Flexibility

The Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler is a versatile cooling solution designed for business operations. It can be powered by both AC and DC sources, allowing it to operate during power outages and in areas with limited electricity using a 12V battery. It has versatile placement choices for both indoor and outdoor use with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Can be Solar Panel Operated

The Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler can be solar operated, allowing you to take advantage of the abundant sunlight in the Philippines. The use of solar energy reduces carbon footprint and dependence on traditional electricity, promoting sustainability and greener business practices.

Customizable Comfort with Six Fan Speeds

With Kolin's AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler, you have full control over your comfort. It features up to six fan speeds, which surpasses standard coolers in the market,  allowing you to adjust the cooling intensity to meet the specific needs of your unique business setting.

Honeycomb Filter for a more refreshing environment

The Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler uses honeycomb filter cooling pads for optimum performance, by enhancing the interaction between air and water, this filter improves cooling effectiveness and creates a cool, humid environment.



Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler is  designed for outdoor purposes, such as alfresco or outdoor event cooling, and can offer a refreshing and energy-efficient way to cool down outdoor spaces during hot weather. It has its own benefits and advantages that can really help especially for business owners.

Here are some benefits of using Kolin AC/DC Inverter Air Cooler:


Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler is less expensive by consuming less energy; it only uses water and air to cool the surrounding area and doesn’t have any installation requirements.

Environmental Friendly

One of Kolin's goals is to help conserve the environment. Kolin aims to bring you innovative and eco-friendly products for your home or business. This is another proof of Kolin's commitment to taking care of the environment.

Humidity Control

Evaporative coolers for outdoor use can add moisture to the air, which can be beneficial in dry environments. As the water evaporates from the cooling pads and is produced into the air, it increases the humidity level in the immediate vicinity of the cooler. This can help create a more comfortable and less dry outdoor environment, making it more pleasant for people to enjoy outdoor activities.

Uninterrupted Outdoor Bliss

For outdoor activities or businesses with alfresco setups, air coolers are necessary companions since they offer cooling respite from the heat and a refreshing breeze. Kolin AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler is flexible since it may be powered by a 12V battery, guaranteeing continuous outside chilling.

Are you ready to embrace the coolness and be an unbothered business owner this BER  months? 

Make the outdoor spaces of your business more welcoming and comfortable with Kolin's new AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler, because at Kolin Philippines, we are not just here to bring comfort to you but to deliver a chain of comfort from yours to everyone.

What are you waiting for? Level up your Alfresco spaces with Kolin’s first AC/DC Evaporative Inverter Air Cooler!

Stay cool, save energy, and make a positive impact on the environment.

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